Dismayed by the prevalence of plain brown and black leather goods, D’Alembert was born from the idea that art belongs in artisanship. Most tanneries finish their leather in bulk by smearing a polymer coating over the hides, leaving them looking and feeling unnatural.

At D’Alembert, we craft our pieces out of unfinished French calfskin and then painstakingly dye and finish each piece by hand.

A single artist carefully applies dyes, creams, pigments, and waxes to bring a visually intriguing movement and depth to the leather while enhancing its natural feel and tactile presence.

This is not an endlessly repeatable scientific process but requires hours of devoted attention and an intimate relationship with the leather.

The expressiveness of our leather is balanced with a precision of design. Every silhouette has a clarity and dignity that is brought to form through careful, handmade construction.

In the end, the visual movement of the finish and elegant design reveal the leather’s natural beauty. The results are unique leather goods with true character.

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