With use, your wallet's high gloss shine will begin fade.  If you want to maintain a high shine, a light waxing session every two to three months will keep it shiny. 


Gently wipe the surface of the leather with a soft, clean cloth or brush to remove any dust or dirt.


Tightly wrap a clean cloth around your index and middle fingers. Apply a small touch of wax polish to the tips of your fingers. We recommend Colorless Saphir Pate de Luxe for a luxurious gloss finish. Using a light circular motion, rub a thin and even coat of wax onto the leather. The leather will appear slightly cloudy.

Switch to a fresh piece of cloth and lightly buff with rapid circular motions until the wax seems to disappear and brilliance returns to the leather. Repeat this process until the desired amount of shine has returned. We recommend giving the wallet some time to dry and breathe before returning it to your pocket. 

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